July Updates

We are now fully into the heat of summer, otherwise known as Pitta season in Ayurveda and the Fire element in TCM. If you are a Pitta dosha, you know that this time of year can be challenging. Remember to include some cooling practices and breath work and not spend too much time in the sun.

As many of you know, Marcella will be travelling abroad to Thailand until September. We have an incredible teacher lined up to cover her Monday evening Barre class. Saturday morning classes will be taught by Melissa 8:00am Yin Yan Fusion (a combination of long held poses targeting the connective tissue and the joints (Yin)  and a vinyasa flow class (Yan)), The 9:30am will be a Yoga Conditioning with the option of using light weights.

Melissa will be also teaching a Chi Flow class which combines Qi Gong, Yoga and other forms of moving energy on Friday July 13th and Friday July 20th 6:15pm-7:30pm.

Our workshop schedule has been finalized for July as well as Beach Yoga.

Hope to see you on your mats and enjoy these beautiful long summer days.