Adult Class Descriptions – Unplug & Be Mindful Yoga

Please note: Young adults/teens are always welcome to join an adult yoga class. We offer classes specifically designed for younger children, however I do not restrict anyone based on age to class (my 7 year old can make it through an entire gentle hatha flow class without anyone even knowing he is there.) I leave the decisions up to the child, the parent/caregiver to decide what is best for them.

Adult Class Descriptions

Stretch and Restore

A gentle stretching class with restorative yoga breaks.  In this class we will use props and hands on assistance to find comfort in every posture on the mat.  Breathing techniques will be used to deepen our stretches naturally using the rhythm of our breath to find release in the muscles. Meditation techniques will be offered in restorative postures allowing both the mind and body to rest.


Pilates Yoga Fusion

This class will consist of the core strengthening of Pilates with the flexibility and mindfulness of yoga. This class will be a ‘flow’ format making this combination a natural partnership. Modifications will be provided, making this class ALL LEVELS. For those of you unfamiliar with Pilates, simply stated, it’s focus is on lengthening and strengthening abdominals, low back, hips, and glutes (CORE muscles!), although it also engages and tones all muscles.

Sunrise Yoga Flow (All Levels)


Start the day with this energizing flow. 6am begins the time of Kapha Dosha according to Ayurveyda (Kapha is made up of earth and water elements and is heavy, cold, dense and hard). It is the best time to get the body moving to pacify the heaviness, stagnation and lethargy that can be seen in excessive Kapha. This class will consist of sun salutation to warm up the body followed by energetically uplifting poses. Expect to leave feeling revived and ready to take on the day! All poses can be modified or varied making this appropriate for all levels.


Strength Building Slow Flow


This all levels vinyasa class is designed to both build strength and flexibility. Modifications will be offered to beginners and those new to the practice. Challenges will also be available for advanced yogi’s. We move slow to make this class safe for everyone, but don’t mistaken slow for easy. This slower vinyasa encourages the use of core muscles and not momentum to move from one pose to the next. Come prepared to work, challenge yourself, and have some fun on your mat.


Hatha Flow

This class will focus on coordinating movement to breath, increase strength, flexibility and balance through an organized flow.

Gentle Hatha – Perfect for Beginners or those students wanting a gentle practice

In this Hatha yoga class you will learn to feel the connection between the mind and body.  This class incorporates gentle stretching, breath work, restorative postures and meditation.    Relaxing the mind results in a natural release of the muscles.  As we work to center the mind, the body will respond more effectively to the stretch.  This class is appropriate for seniors, beginners or anyone looking to take a break from the day and slow down for a little while.

Gentle Hatha Flow- Expect more movement, more standing poses and to build some heat.

Yin- All Levels/ Beginners Welcome/Great for Athletes

In this practice, we will use Yin poses, held for 3-5 minutes each, to focus on connective tissue, ligaments, joints and fascia in a gentle Yin fashion. The main difference between this practice and a traditional Yan practice (think Vinyasa, Hatha, Power Yoga) is that we are not trying to use muscle. This practice also allows the practitioner to just ‘be’ with oneself and all the sensations that arise in the physical, emotional and spiritual body. Learn how to use the breath to release tension in the body. Yin can also be called Meridian Yoga in that we apply pressure to meridian lines of the body, allowing Qi (chi) to flow.

Yin Yan Fusion- All Levels

This class combines deep stretching and poses held for 3-5 minutes (yin) with flowing sequences, standing and balance poses (yan). Yin is a slower and cooler practice, but not necessarily an easier practice.   Yin poses tap below the muscles and into the body’s connective tissues, increasing flexibility and allowing the mind to slow down and the body to be still. Yan poses and flows build heat in the body, bring focus to the mind and help to improve posture, balance, core strength, and stamina. Both practices complement each other. Modifications and props will be offered for beginners.




All Levels Vinyasa Flow

In this practice, we will focus on moving through the poses (asanas) fluidly in a wise progression. Expect to build some heat, increase flexibility and muscle strength.


Strong Vinyasa Flow

In this practice, expect to build heat and to move vigorously yet mindfully through the asana’s (movements). This class is similar to power yoga without the heat. Our studio has no mirrors for a reason: yoga is meant to be felt inside and unlike other forms of dance is not practiced for others to see. Meet your body where it is, rest when you need to and make sure the breath is calm and steady.



Vinyasa Krama with Meditation

Vinyasa Krama is Sanskrit for ‘Wise Progression’. This class will include asana (yoga postures) in an organized slow flow followed by Savasana (rest), pranayama (breath work) and meditation. This class is for those practitioners looking for far more than a physical practice and to delve deeper into the ancient teachings of yoga.


Donation Community Yoga All Levels

This class is an all levels gentle hatha flow practice. This month we as that you kindly bring in a healthy non-perishable item for the Marshfield Food Pantry.


Teen Yoga

Discover more about your inner self though yoga and mindfulness. Learn tools to promote calm, mindfulness and focus through asana (yoga postures), partner poses, meditation and mantra (positive affirmations).