Fun Family Yoga


Yoga for the whole family. A great way to exercise and connect as a family, while learning mindfulness and relaxation techniques to bring peace and harmony within, and to your beautiful family. This will be a fun, playful time doing yoga!

Classes will include partner poses for bonding time, yoga games and music, mindful awareness,  pranayama and relaxation techniques.

Imagination, Creativity, and Self Expression is encouraged- Be your own beautiful! Be You!


  • Drop in Single Class: $15 (one adult & one child)
  • $5 additional for each one adult & one child
  • $3 for each additional child (Example: Family of 5 (2 adults, 3 children $23)
  • 5 Class Card available for one adult & one child: $65


*a safe and gentle form of excercise during all phases of pregnancy,labor, and postpartum
* allows you to connect deeper to your beautifully growing body and baby.
* increases confidence, strength & flexibilty, improves balance &circulation
* Helps with common physical discomforts throughout pregnancy, and postpartum
* Provides a sense of calmness, emotional balance, and well being
Pregnancy is a time to rejoice, step away from distractions for a moment, and just be with you and your baby. Yoga helps you find that piece of Serenity.

Prenatal Classes and private sessions are available. If interested please inquire