Special Family Classes – Unplug & Be Mindful Yoga

Yoga for Youth Athletes

Wednesdays 4pm-5pm


In this weekly yoga practice, we will focus on stretching and strengthening areas of the body that athletes need such as the hip flexors, low back and the neck.
We will also focus on strengthening the core to increase low back stability and use Yin postures to get into the plantar fascia, IT band and the psoas muscles.
In addition to the physical elements of the practice, the athletes will learn how they can access the breath in times of stress and mindfulness techniques to assist them in their daily lives.

All Inclusive Yoga for ALL ages (Student with Caregiver)

w/ Tricia Glynn, RYT
Sunday Afternoons 3pm-3:45pm
$10 for student and caregiver; $5 each additional student
No Class January 5th
Our “All Inclusive Family Yoga Class” is a family style class for children with special needs and neurotypical kids & adults.  Caregivers are asked to participate in the class and give hands on support as needed. This is a truly all inclusive class is intended for the overactive and underactive, non-verbal, over-talker and everyone in between.  Trisha Glynn uses an all level approach with modifications for those who need them, but also plenty of challenges to keep everyone engaged.  

This class is a combination of stretching, movement, music, meditation, and lots of fun.  Our goal is to create an environment of acceptance where everyone feels safe, comfortable and supported.  We work to offer students and caregivers a healthy outlet to release stress and excess energy replacing it with confidence and joy.  For more details, please contact Unplug Yoga & Be Mindful at:  (339) 526-9234.  Sign up for the class now at  unplugyoga.com

Yoga for the Anxious Child Ages 7 and Up with Parent/Caregiver

Cost: $15 parent/child; $5 extra adult and child; $3 extra child

This class is for anxious children and their caregivers. If your child is like mine, then your child is more comfortable amongst other adults and YOU than in an all kids class. In this class the parent and child will be able to learn yoga and mindfulness tools together to activate the parasympathetic nervous system.

Common questions:

‘Can I bring more than one child?’ Of course.

‘Can more than one adult attend?’ Of course. We welcome all families.

‘Does my child need to have anxiety to benefit from this class?’ Absolutely not. The poses, breathwork and multisensory experience can benefit everyone.

‘What if my child can’t sit still?’ That’s ok. There is plenty of space in the studio for your child to explore or take a break when needed.

Please let us know in advance if your child has any allergies to essential oils such as Lavender.

Melissa also works with children and their caregivers privately. If interested please call or email melissa@unplugyoga.com