Restorative Yoga, Massage and Reiki with 7 Chakra Singing Bowls

July 26th 6:00pm-8:00pm

with Tricia Glynn RYT, Laura Hanson LMT and Melissa M. RYT,RM
$40pp; $35 Seniors and College Students

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This 2 hour workshop incorporates Restorative Yoga, Massage and Reiki, a combination that will guide your mind and body to a deeper state of relaxation. Breathing and meditation techniques to calm the mind and props will be used to allow for a gentle, passive stretch. As part of this workshop we play crystal bowls with frequencies aligned to the 7 main chakras of the subtle energy body to assist in removing blockages from the energetic body.

No experience necessary. This is a no work workshop. What a great way to introduce someone new to yoga. Come pamper yourself with a total mind/body escape.

What is Reiki?

Reiki is a Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation. It is administered by “laying on hands” and is based on the idea that an unseen “life force energy” flows through us and what causes us to be alive. If one’s “life force energy” is low, then we are more likely to get sick or feel stress, and if it is high, we are more capable of being happy and healthy. During Reiki feels like a wonderful glowing radiance that flows through and around you. Reiki treats the whole person including body, emotions, mind and spirit creating many beneficial effects that include relaxation, and feelings of peace, security, and well-being. 

Crystal Singing Bowls and Sound Vibrations

Each of one of Crystal Singing Bowls has a frequency aligned with each of the seven main chakra centers in the subtle energetic body. 

Yoga for Anxiety (Adults and Teens)

July 19th 6pm-7:30pm


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Do you suffer from anxiety and/or panic attacks? Is it making you depressed? Are fear and worry taking control of your mind?

If so, yoga and mindfulness can help! I am not a doctor or a therapist but am able to share with you the many tools that helped me stop this vicious cycle. These tools included laughter, yoga and mindfulness, diet, sleep and lifestyle changes.
As a yoga instructor, I continue to learn new skills and can now fully understand and be able to explain how yoga and these other tools have helped me lead the past 20 years of my life panic attack free and to stop the fear and worry cycle before it turns into ANXIETY.

In this workshop, you will learn specific Hatha yoga poses that are energetically calming as well as specific pranayama (breath work) that activates the parasympathetic nervous system. You will learn the ‘Body Scan’ as taught in the MBSR (mindful based stress reduction) program. We will also practice meditation.

Please plan on bringing a bottle of water, a notebook if you would like, and dress comfortably as we will be moving: practicing poses (asanas) and breath work (pranayama) intended to calm the body and mind.

200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Informational Session

7/18 6-7pm or 8/1 6-7pm with Melissa M.

Interested in becoming a certified yoga teacher or simply learning more about the philosophy of yoga?  Unplug & Be Mindful will be offering it’s next Yoga Alliance Approved 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training beginning in September. Our training’s primary focus is to prepare you to become a great yoga teacher. Just as Reiki practitioners go through levels of attunement to become a clear channel, it is important that you become aware of your true Self and purpose before guiding others down this path. We do this by helping you develop your own personal yoga practice (pranayama, asana and mediation) through the sister science of yoga, Ayurveda; helping you to understand your true Self , and assisting in finding your own unique voice and determining the styles of yoga and population you wish to serve. This informational session is for those who would like to learn more about training to become a yoga teacher and the details of this program. This is a casual session.  Unsure if yoga teacher training is right for you? Pop in and we will answer any questions you have. Can’t make the info session? Email or call and we will be happy to answer any questions you may have. Namaste
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