“Practice becomes firmly grounded when well attended to for a long time, without break and in all earnestness.” Sutra 1.14
Meet Sharon- our first official ‘student of the month’

We recognize Sharon for all the hard work she has put into her yoga practice since January. Sharon is a Pitta dosha with a tendency for her Kapha to be off balance. Recognizing this intuitively she practices her more vigorous Kapha reducing practice at 6am following true to the Ayurvedic clock. Sharon has a well rounded practice balancing her Pitta dosha with Yin and meditation. Sharon’s energy speaks volumes. Sharon’s profession as a veterinarian and bee keeper also speaks to how she extends her practice off her mat.
In short, we are honored to be assisting you on your path Sharon and know you are able and willing to ‘count the leaves on the tree’. Namaste

UBM:”How did you find yoga and what impact has it had on your life?”


“I discovered yoga years ago when I met a client who seemed to embody qualities I wanted to feel, a internal calmness. I found out she was long time yoga teacher. I also had a boss for many years who would weave pranayama into our staff meetings. Nothing like the whole staff doing alternate nostril breathing or lions breath together. I could feel the positive shift in the air.  I thought to myself there must be something to this yoga stuff. So I started practicing. I felt shifts within me but it didn’t seem to stick. Then life got in the way , family, illness , time constraints and this took me away from my practice. I seriously came back to my practice a couple of years ago. I started at studio close to my house assuring I would stick with it. After a few months, a shift started to occur again . I was so energized and excited then the studio closed ?. I didn’t  want to loose my practice again . I couldn’t . That is when I found Unplug and Be Mindful. It took a while but shift started again and this time it exceeded all my expectations. What changed? I realized I can’t force it I needed to breathe it and it will come. I also realized for me , yoga AND meditation together was the key. I find I now react differently to stressful or difficult situations. I am now able to see things from all angles and breath and glide through with an internal peace that I lacked before. It has also occurred me that those things that made me drift away from my practice are exactly those things that should have drawn me to my practice. If you have never practiced yoga , it is NEVER too late. It is so worth it! It is how life is meant to be lived.”